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Privacy Preference Center

February 15, 2020 by Jonathan Foster

The newest version of User Consent (v2.1.0) includes the introduction of the Privacy Preference Center, formerly known as the Cookie Policy Overview.

GDPR is designed to protect European user identities by assuming that user-identifying trackers are blocked by websites before consent is freely given or withheld, a binary decision that negatively impacts many services.

Many non-compliant trackers are essential to the quality of service of a website, and when user consent is withheld, user experience is significantly impacted. Users should have the ability to provide consent to high-impact cookies without consenting to every cookie.

Concord's new Privacy Preference Center empowers users to make non-binary consent decisions by selecting which cookie categories to provide consent in a simple, easy to use interface.

Click here to view our Privacy Preference Center.

The Privacy Preference Center gives users fine grain control over the types of tracking data they send to your website as well as an easy way to modify privacy preferences from every page of your website by appending ?privacy-preference-center to the page url.

Privacy Preference Center URL

Read the docs to learn more about the Privacy Preference Center. Many more empowering features are coming soon.

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