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Advanced Options

The following Advanced Options are available:

Disable Concord

Temporarily disable Concord without uninstalling it.

Enable EU Only Mode

In EU Only Mode, all users will see the consent banner. However, prior blocking of Trackers will only be applied to European Union traffic. Non-EU users receive a modified Privacy Policy Center called the Cookie Policy Overview with preference features disabled.

Additional setup is required to enable EU only mode. Read this article to learn more.

Disable Automatic Tracker Removal

Concord attempts to automatically remove any Trackers on your Consent Routes before user consent is obtained. Select this to disable it.

Automatic Tracker Removal helps Concord makes your site GDPR compliant. Disabling this will make your site non-compliant unless you have manually removed any user-identifying scripts from your source code.

Disable Privacy Preference Center

By default, your Privacy Preference Center is available on any page by adding a ?privacy-preference-center query parameter to the URL. Select this to disable your Privacy Preference Center.

Duration in minutes after a user consents until a user is re-prompted for consent. By default, users are re-prompted to consent once per year.

Include Subdomains

When a user consents by default, they are only consenting on the current subdomain. They will be re-prompted if they visit another subdomain on your site. Enable this to include all subdomains when a user consents.

Agreement History

Concord uses the last value in the list to set the current user agreement cookie. If your policies change and you require users to consent again, add a unique value to this comma-separated list.


Let's say you need users to re-prompt after Privacy Policy updates, and your Privacy Policy was updated twice. In this case, your Agreement History might look like:

Agreement History: bgfa, qq12

Concord uses a default hash (Zk7QW9DVwAgGXoL0) to assign a user agreement cookie. Your Agreement History updated the hash to bgfa after the first Privacy Policy change and qq12 after the second. Just add a new unique value to your list when it changes again!

Don't delete your old `Agreement History` values! Keep them in your `Agreement History` to ensure you are always using unique values for new entries.

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