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Consent Banner

Your Consent Banner is shown to visitors to obtain user consent.

The following Consent Banner themes are available:

The following Consent Banner options are available:

The Markdown-compatible consent message that will be displayed to your users.

Include your Privacy Policy URL and Cookie Policy URL by using the following variables in place of a normal Markdown link:


Here's a simple example:

Our site uses cookies to optimize your experience.  Please refer to our [Privacy Policy](PRIVACY_POLICY_URL) for more information.

Primary Theme Color

The primary theme color controls the borders and button colors.

Secondary Theme Color

The secondary theme color controls the background color.

Opt-in Button Text

Text to display on the opt-in button.

Opt-out Button Text

Text to display on the opt-out button. Leave this blank to hide the button entirely, or set it to X to display an ⓧ-style close button in the top right corner of the banner.

Consent Banner with X

Consent banner with Opt-out Button Text: x

Consent Banner with reject button

Consent banner with Opt-out Button Text: No thanks.

Template to display for your consent banner. This should be a valid HTML template and must contain an HTML element with a concord-agree attribute. Concord uses the concord-agree attribute to add a click handler that activates Concord when the user consents.

Here's a simple example:

  .consent-link {
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 0;
    color: blanchedalmond;
<a concord-agree class="consent-link"> Ok, let's go </a>

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