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Scanning your website to find Trackers

By the end of this section, you will know how to scan your website for Trackers to achieve full GDPR user consent compliance.

The rest of this article assumes Concord is already installed on your site and you understand how to add Trackers.

In the previous article, you added your first Tracker to your Consent Configuration. But most websites contain more than one user-identifying Tracker. How do you identify all the Trackers on your site?

It's easy thanks to tools like Webbkoll that can scan websites for cookies and other forensic information. Enter your website and press Search. When the scan completes, navigate to the Cookies section.

We ran a compliance scan on as an example and hope your results are not as lengthy. But don't worry if they are. It only takes a few minutes to minimize your Webkoll results.

Cookie results for

To provide some context and an end goal to work towards, the results for are as follows:

Cookie results for

Notice the significant difference between the two websites in Webkoll. Slate loads dozens of third-party cookies while Forbes only loads two that are specifically designed to manage user privacy. Your Webkoll results may be somewhere between Slate and Forbes.

It is important to mention that GDPR compliance does not require the blocking of all cookies. Forbes' only loads technical cookies that are strictly necessary for its operation before user consent. Read this section to learn more about the difference between GDPR-compliant cookies and user-identifying Trackers.

The rest of the article will guide you through how to make your results look more like Forbes in compliance with GDPR user consent regulations.

Buried in Slate's results is a Tracker named Let's find and remove this Tracker from the website. We searched the source code for sourcecardresearch to find the script before copying it to the clipboard.

Found tracker on

In our Consent Configuration, we added a new Tracker and assigned a Tracker Category to include in our Privacy Preference Center.

Slate tracker managed by Concord

Use the same procedure for the Trackers in your Webkoll results. Add each Tracker to Concord after identifying it on your website.

Rescan your website after saving your changes to see your progress.

Your Webkoll results will improve with each migration onto Concord. GDPR user consent regulations is achieved when all user-identifying Trackers appear in your Privacy Preference Center.

Next steps...

For more Concord information, read through the rest of the documentation.

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