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Add your first Tracker

By the end of this section, you will know how make your site fully compliant with GDPR user consent regulations.

The rest of this article assumes Concord is already installed on your site. To install Concord, follow this guide.

Trackers are scripts that identify users before obtaining consent. You'll want to manage these scripts with Concord and this article will show you how.

Lets say your website includes a Facebook script that adds the familiar user-identifying Like Button to your page. Simply copy the Facebook script into to your Consent Configuration and Concord will automatically block it before consent. Learn more about adding trackers below.

On your website, identify a Tracker you want to manage with Concord. Then, copy the Tracker to your clipboard. Don't forget to include the <script></script> tags!

Copy the tracker from source code

Next paste the Tracker into the Tracker Code section of your Consent Configuration. Fill in the Tracker Name, Tracker Category and Tracker Policy URL to include it in your Privacy Preference Center for complete GDPR compliance.

Click here to view our Privacy Preference Center.

Paste the tracker into Concord

Press the Save Changes button at the bottom of the configuration page to finish installing your first Tracker. Once saved, view your Privacy Preference Center to see the update. You're one step away from complete GDPR user consent compliance.

Next steps...

Learn how to scan your website for the rest of your Trackers to achieve full GDPR user consent compliance.

For more Concord information, read through the rest of the documentation.

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