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Getting Started

Concord is an easy to use, comprehensive GDPR user tracking solution requiring zero downtime and zero developer time. You don't have to be technical to set it up. Learn how to get started in 5 minutes.

By the end of this section, you will have a:
  1. GDPR-compliant Consent Banner
  2. GDPR-compliant Privacy Preference Center

Concord runs on Cloudflare's global network.

Concord benefits from all the same advantages of Cloudflare that you enjoy as a Cloudflare user. It's served from the closest data center to your users which makes it ultra-fast and responsive. Concord is installed and managed through Cloudflare's dashboard on any of your Cloudflare domains.
Concord runs on Cloudflare's powerful, secure, and stable global network and installs in a few clicks from the Apps tab on your configured domain.

Select a domain to install Concord.

Enter the domain you want to use with Concord and click the button below to go to your Cloudflare dashboard. After logging in to your dashboard, select your desired domain to continue.
Select a domain to install Concord from your Cloudflare dashboard. Cloudflare will then redirect you to Concord's installation page.

You should arrive on Concord's install page. If you aren't redirected here, click on the Apps tab from the Cloudflare dashboard and search for the Concord app. Then, navigate to the install page to continue.

Fill in your Resources section.

Add links to your important legal documentation. Resources are included in your Privacy Preference Center and can be used as variables in your Consent Banner message.
User tracking compliance regulations typically require a valid Privacy and Cookie policy. Add links to the Resources section.

Set up your Consent Banner.

The Consent Banner is shown on your website to obtain user consent. After consent, a user won't be re-prompted until you update your Agreement History.
Customize the Consent Banner colors, content, and link to pages in your Resources section using Markdown.
Configure the Consent Message on your Consent Banner to achieve Markdown-style bold text with links to your Privacy and Cookie Policy.
Consent Message: **This site uses cookies.** View our [Privacy Policy](PRIVACY_POLICY_URL) and [Cookie Policy](COOKIE_POLICY_URL)

Add your first Consent Configuration.

The Consent Configuration section manages your Privacy Preference Center and any number of Trackers. Each Consent Configuration requires a Consent Route that tells Concord if it should run on each page. Learn more about Consent Route syntax below.
Consent routes are wildcard-compatible. This Consent Route makes Concord run globally on our domain.
Consent routes are highly configurable. This Consent Route tells Concord to run only on subpaths of pages on our blog subdomain.
Add your first Consent Route to your configuration. Concord will run on this route when installation is complete. You may add as many Consent Configurations as required.

That's it! Press "Install on all pages" to finish up.

It takes Concord about ten seconds to process your installation and generate your Consent Bannerand Privacy Preference Center.

Congratulations, you installed Concord! Visit yourConsent Route see Concord in action.

To view your Privacy Preference Center, simply append the ?privacy-preference-center query string to any page.

Next steps...

Set up your first Tracker in 5 minutes to make your website GDPR user consent compliant.

For more Concord information, read through the rest of the documentation.

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