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Important constants and utilities

Concord - User Consent has the following configuration options:


Concord attaches a concord property to the global window object on every page matching a Consent Route.

Most User Consent state is used internally by Concord. However, isEUUser and isEUMode can be helpful when EU Only Mode is enabled. For example, use the isEUUser property to control how your website interacts with European users.

window.concord = {
  userConsent: {
    state: {
      preferences: { [categoryId:string]: boolean }, // map of Privacy Preference Center category preferences

      trackerCategoryIds: Array<string>, // list of Tracker Category ids found on current Consent Route

      cookieOverviewLoaded: boolean, // reports if the Privacy Preference Center is loaded in the DOM

      isEUUser: boolean | null, // Reports if user is in the EU or null if Cloudflare's IP Geolocation is disabled

      isEUMode: boolean // Reports if EU Only Mode is enabled

      didConsent: null | boolean // Reports if user consented - null before consent then a boolean

List of Tracker Categories

You can learn more about Tracker Categories here.

Tracking CategoryTracking Category ID
Commercial affiliationcommercial-affiliation
Content performance and features testingcontent-performance
Displaying content from external platformsexternal-platforms
Hosting and backend infrastructurehosting-and-infrastructure
Infrastructure monitoringinfrastructure-monitoring
Interaction with external social networks and platformssocial-networks
Interaction with live chat platformschat-platforms
Remarketing and behavioral targetingremarketing

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