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Enable Geolocation for EU Only Mode

EU Only Mode is an advanced feature that gives you the ability to balance user consent compliance with your business requirements. Enable EU Only Mode to apply prior blocking of Trackers only to European Union users. Follow this short guide to set up Cloudflare's IP Geolocation feature.

EU Only Mode uses Cloudflare's IP Geolocation feature to identify an incoming request's country of origin. When EU Only Mode is on, Cloudflare's geolocation header is read to apply prior blocking of Trackers for EU users only, allowing trackers to load normally for all other traffic.

Enabling Cloudflare's IP Geolocation feature is simple. After logging in to your Cloudflare Dashboard, select your website and navigate to it's Network tab. Scroll down to locate the IP Geolocation card and set it to ON as seen below. IP Geolocation must be configured individually for each website.

Cloudflare IP Geolocation feature

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